I loved this video simply because Ilan Stevens who happens to be one of the editors of our class textbook, The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature is lecturing. During this eight minute video, Stavans talks about being Latino. He calls Latino ‘ours’ because he brings forth the idea that whether a person is Puerto Rican or Mexican they are both ‘part of the same’. The same language is what the two different nationalities share. In America, “Latino is the sum of all parts”. The Browning of America, in Stavans’ words, talks about Latinos coming here to America for better opportunity, freedom of expression, political engagement and in search of a good profession. Stavans also says that Latinos come here looking for the American Dream which he deems as non existant. Stavans breaks down the many ethnicities of being Latino, he says “We are White, we are Black, we are Mulatto, we are Indians, Asians, Italians, Jews, Germans and French. He calls Latinos a big soup of possibilities because of all the variations that are out there. He does not forget to mention the race; which he says marks a person in many ways. He immediately states that being white in America, as well as in Latin America has a status of power and upper class. Blackness as the norm being associated with poor and low class. Latinos are a huge part of the Browning in America and they would like the recognition for who they are and who they can be as other cultures have.

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