The other Exploited Class…

February 22nd, 2012

Jose Colon was an activist from Puerto Rican descent who lived in NYC. A close friend of Bernardo Vega, Colon related to socialist structure as Vega did. Colon arrived in NYC, as a stowaway from Puerto Rico. While in America, he became a journalist and wrote for many Spanish newspapers. Colon also became an activist, who focuses on civil rights and social injustice. He is a black Puerto Rican, who quickly acknowledged social injustices because of the color of his skin. Colon also touches on the oppressed and their views of the Jewish people. Colon writes:

For most Hispanics a Jew means the landlord, the man who sells dresses and suits
on layaway, the exploiting proprietor of the factory where we work together with
the “red” or “communist” agitators (503 Colon).

This short quote from Colon is touching on the basis of how Hispanics view the Jewish population. He believes that even though the Jewish people had their holocaust, they were still able to overcome the past. The Jewish people have done well for themselves, and he feels that minorities should not direct any animosity towards the Jewish people because they are not an oppressed class. He speaks against Hitler and everything he stands for. He views the Jewish people as more than a landlord or store owner, he views them as “poor souls” who has had to work hard to get to where they are. The Jewish people are not the cause of evil. The fact remains that they have had evil done to them and they still managed to rise above.

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