Grandma, you are there on that beautiful island. You were born there. You have been there all your life. You now have what most people here can only dream about. Don’t let sentimental letters and life-colored photographs lure you from your island, from your nation, from yourself. Grandma, please, please! DO NOT COME! (Colon 499)

In this small passage, Colon writes to his to his grandmother begging her to stay in Puerto Rico where she was born and raised. She lives on an island where most people dream about, a place where they vacation and spend their honeymoon. He wants her to remain true to herself and to her nation. He does not want her to feel as though she is missing out on anything because she does not live in New York City. He understands that she misses her family but still begs her not to leave. He does not want her to be exposed to everyday hustle and bustle of New York. He wants her to enjoy her life on the beautiful island in Puerto Rico where people say “Buenos Dias” and where the people are calm and laid back. He wants her to remain on the island where she can speak her native language of Spanish where she fits right in. He does not want her to be exposed in any way to the elements of New York City. He wants her to realize that America is not all what it is boasted to be.

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