Earlier this evening I asked my son and boyfriend to watch this video with me.  My son told me that he saw this video two years ago in school and did not wish to watch it again.  My boyfriend and I watched it and this video caused a 45 minute argument. He is still talking as I write this. If I had known it would have created this debate, I would have chosen not to play it.  He does not believe that the whole light-skin/ dark-skin thing exists in this day and age where as I believe it does.  But aside from appearance there are also the negative stereotypes that black women deal with on a daily basis.  With that being said, I am from a Caribbean background where my dad is from Afro-descent and my mom is from Creole/ Spanish descent within the Caribbean.  I grew up resembling my father and having features that look more Afro.  I do not look like my mom or her family where as my sister does.  Growing up we would go to Trinidad every summer.  We stayed mostly with my mom’s family who looks very different from me. As a child, I always felt like I did not belong because my hair and skin was not like theirs.  I did not have that mixture which is praised in the Caribbean. I remember going to the beach and getting my hair wet and not being able to pass a comb through it, where as my cousins and sister were able to comb right through their fine curly hair.  As a child we see this and we feel like that’s what is looked at as beauty, and realistically society’s image of beauty is hardly ever the ethnic black female.  It is not until I got older that I began to embrace the beauty that God blessed me with.  The bottom line is that beauty comes in all forms, no matter what race, creed or color. As I watched 15 out of 20 black children choose the white doll over the black, it saddened me.  It demonstrates how even little children associate white with lightness and black with darkness.  How and where do children establish this way of thinking from especially children of the same color?  Do black children grow up thinking they’re inferior to white children?  Is it society that brings forth an inferiority complex?  We are in 2012 and it is time for things to change.  I just hope that it changes for the better.

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