Just Sad!

March 19th, 2012

If you’re white, you’re right;

If you’re yellow, you’re mellow;

If you’re brown, hang around;

If you’re black, step back;

If you’re just Spanish, you’ll be banished (1074).

In this vey short passage, Nicholasa Mohr introduces a rhyme that the children of New York City would recite.  Apparently, it originated in the south by African Americans. Again, it is amazing how children perceive themselves in society’s eyes.  The fairer you are in complexion the better off you are in society. As I read this, I was reminded of the white doll/black doll experiment.  A rhyme like this is what establishes an inferiority complex in our minority children.  It is sad to see that this is something that actually comes out the mouths of children.  But, it goes to show you how society can affect the way a child thinks and sees his/herself. The color line in America is what holds the country back. In line (4) “If you’re black, step back;” and line (5) “If you’re Spanish, you’ll be banished”, absolutely disgusts me.  I can not imagine growing up in those times and hearing that rhyme.  This will stick with a person for life if you were a black or spanish person because it evokes the feelings of being less than others.

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