A Mother’s Love

March 19th, 2012

You are a woman, Nilda. You will have to bear the child; regardless of who planted the seed, they will be your children and no one else’s. If a man is good, you are lucky; if he leaves you, or is cruel so much the worse for you…And then if you have nomoney and little education, who will help you, Nilda? Another man? Yes, and another pregnancy. Welfare? Yes, and they will kill you in the process, slowly robbing you of your home (1053).

In this passage From “Nilda” by Nicholasa Mohr, a mother on her death bed speaks to her daughter very bluntly about life.  Even though it is avery blunt passage where it may come across as cruel, as a reader it reflected the love that a mother has for her daughter. She does not want Nilda to make the same bad choices in life as she did.  She wants her daughter to be wise before she makes life altering decisions such as having children.  She wants Nilda to be independent economically, so she does not have to depend on any man or the government for assistance.  She tells her to get an education so that she will be able to provide for herself.  She does not want Nilda to get caught up in the stereotypical lifestyle where she has child after child from different men who do not stick around and at the same time relying on welfare to get by.  She tells her that the welfare process will kill you and take everything from you including potential, ambition, and a sense of autonomy.  I really enjoyed reading this passage, because her mother did not sugar coat anything. Her goal is for Nilda to get the message and truly understand that she does not have to
settle in life.

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