I am Joaquin,

lost in a world of confusion,

caught up in a whirl of a

gringo society,

confused by the rules,

scorned by the attitudes,

suppressed by manipulation,

and destroyed by modern society (788).

In this small passage from a poem titled “I am Joaquin” written by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales, it addresses the struggles that Mexican immigrantsface in this country.  He writes “lost in a world of confusion”, Gonzales is saying that he feels lost in this world or land called America.  He is confused because he can not get ahead due to the economic struggles that Mexicans face in this country. He says that he is “caught up in a whirl of a gringo society”, which is clearly an opposition towards white society in America.  Gonzales is “confused by the rules” that are different for the Mexicans because they do not have equal rights. He also states that he is “scorned by attitudes” which implies his feelings of denigration that arise because of the treatment and mindset of the “gringo” population.  He discusses the feelings of being “suppressed by manipulation” which reveals the exploitation that the Mexicans experience.  Gonzales is not only speaking for himself but for all the Mexicans who are in the struggle of attaining economic and social equality.

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