I never really thought about the struggles that children face when English is not their primary language.  As I watched the video titled “Immersion”, I could not imagine having to face those struggles everyday.  Moises, who is the main character in the short film, is a Mexican immigrant. Moises is excellent in math and he is preparing for his first state exam in the United States.  He is also probably the most knowledgeable in his class. But, because his English is not well he struggles with the dynamic of the standardized testing because it is in English.  This video made me want to scream, I could not understand why there was not a test in Spanish that could have been provided for Moises.  Latinos make up a large percentage of the population and I think that these tests should be in the Spanish language as well.  However, I do understand that English is in fact the “primary” language of the U.S.  These children should be tested in their primary language until they reach a point where they are comfortable with taking it in English.  I think there needs to be more efforts in establishing an environment where the children are not under this type of pressure at such a young age ,especially in schools or areas where there are many immigrants.

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