The Democratic Process.

March 19th, 2012

What I am really talking about —whether it is immigration, citizenship, cultural mores, or voting rights—is making it possible for more people to participate in the democratic process.  If these changes come to pass we will witness a radical reordering —for the better—in our country.  For whenever new blood is transfused into our national social and political fabric our nation is enriched and strengthened (779).

Cesar Chavez addresses his ideas on what he feels democracy should consist of.  Chavez believes that everyone should take part in the democratic process in America.  This process entails voting, boycotting, striking, marching, and anything non violent that will get attention.  All of these factors are the given rights of a democratic nation.  Chavez believes that these factors are stepping stones to get the issues heard and we all should utilize them.  He believes that participation is the only way to see change in America.  He believes that change will bring forth a better country for the citizens as well as the immigrants who migrate here.  He also states that America is enriched and strengthened when people can come together regardless of race or color and tackle the political and social issues of the nation.

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