Which is more effective as a means of getting a political message across? Who has more freedom of speech? Whose manners of speaking are legitimate, or carry the most symbolic power? What are the balances of cultural capital?

The “Star Spanglish Banner” is definitely a more effective means of getting a political message across.  The film illustrates people utilizing their democratic right.  This consists of marches and protests in a non violent manner.  They are also utilizing their freedom of speech by changing the lyrics to the Star Spangle Banner to get their point across.  The short film is satirical.  The goal of a satire is to take a political stand in a funny manner.  Even though it is funny, the audience clearly grasps the social criticism that the video pokes at.

The “Nanny Spanish” video is hilarious, but it is not the most effective means of taking a political stand, because these women have no idea that the teacher is taking a stand against something.

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