A Mongo Affair

April 20th, 2012

I have to admit that he has been

lied to, misled,

that I know that all the goodies he named humiliate the receiver,

that a man is demoralized

when his woman and children

beg for weekly checks (1347).

In this passage from “A Mongo Affair” Miguel Algarin speaks of the Nuyorican who has established a life in New York from Puerto Rico.  Algarin states that Puerto Ricans come to America and they are “lied to” and “misled”.  Algarin believes that once Puerto Ricans come to America and fall into the welfare system, it only holds them down.  He calls the welfare system and all the “perks” that it encompasses as “humiliation” for the person that utilizes it.  He also uses the word “demoralized” to imply that welfare undermines a person’s confidence and goals.  The receiver becomes complacent and does not strive for more, such as education and careers.  He correlates welfare with a form of begging.  Algarin believes welfare brings about laziness in the receiver, which keeps them mentally enslaved and financially dependant on the government.


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