My parents and my grandparents, after all, had first instilled in me a sense that there was far too long a history of injustice in this society. “Only,” as my father would say later at my trial, “your mother and I never thought you would actually try to so something about it.  Not on such a scale, anyhow.” (1446).

In this passage from “La Vida Pura: A Lord of the Barrio” Pablo Guzman discusses the reaction of his family when he joins the Young Lords Organization.  Guzman’s family is exposed to the social injustices that were going on in their community but they never believed that their son would be one of the pioneers in establishing this radical movement for Latinos in New York which was an affiliation of YLO’s in Chicago.  Guzman at the tender age of nineteen had become politically involved in a revolution to fight against racial and socioeconomic oppression.  The Black Panthers and the YLO fought the same fight which was for equality and liberation.  Guzman fought along with the YLO’s for political change socially and economically.


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