As I watched the video “The Mexican vs. Racist Angry Minutemen”, I was disgusted by the ignorance and racism.  They told the Mexican man to go back to his country as if he did not belong here because he is from Mexican descent. Whilefilming the young man persistently asks the minutemen “Where did your ancestors come from?”  He asks this because he is trying to prove a point that he has just as much right to be in this country as the angry white minutemen does.  America is made up of the world and the many nationalities that encompass it.  The young man stood firm and did not back down or behave in a violent manner.  At one point he films a Latino woman who also protests against Mexicans living in America.  The young man shouts several times “I am indigenous to this continent” because Mexico is in North America along with the U.S.  It is so ironic that the minutemen are the ones acting like savages but they are to first to deem other minorities as savages.  In “Borderlands/La Frontera, Chapter 1”, Gloria Anzaldua sheds light on Mexicans and how they are treated as outcasts and aliens in the U.S. just as this young man is treated.


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