The above video entitled “Discrimination PSA Light Skin vs. Dark Skin” shows how children discriminate against each other because of skin color.  The video shows two African American, dark skin girls approach a group of four light skin Latino girls who are jumping rope.  They ask if they can play with the light skin girls and the girls are turned down because they are too dark skinned.  As the black girls are walking away, the main girl who says no to the girls says “She is mad black, she is darker than that cheeseburger my father burned yesterday”.  One of the other Latina says “They just the same people just with different skin color and different hair type”.  Then another one says “Dark isn’t lovely, They is too ugly” followed by laughter of the other two.  The only one out the group who tries to diffuse their way of thinking says “Ya’ll don’t even understand my point” and they continue to jump rope.  This is a prime example of discrimination and how minorities of a lighter skin color look down on people that are darker skinned.  The girls were about twelve years old and they are using the color of a person’s skin to determine if they are worthy to fit into their clique.  There was one girl who stood up and acknowledged that her friends were being racists.  But, she continued playing with them.  This is a learned behavior, human kind is not born with racist tendencies.  As minorities we have to learn to embrace our rainbow of colors.  It starts within our community, we have to love ourselves regardless of skin color before others will.

  1.   salvarez says:

    AnnMarie, I wasn’t able to leave comments on your Response 5 page, so I left them here.

    AnnMarie, so far this looks great. I admire how you’ve approached this topic and found some great ways to articulate what is a difficult process/idea. Certainly the notion that racialization can happen both with agency and also can be determined by culture is an interesting one.

    I will be interested to see how you apply this to the aesthetic texts. As you know, your classmate Samuel is looking at something similar.

    Also, you should refer to this essay as an article, as in “In this article, I will argue that . . . ” imagine that you are writing for journal publication, or the same audience of the journals you’ve been researching. How do you make your prose sound like a journal article? Use some of their key terms, or vocab words. Notice words that different articles use. These will be some of the words you will apply to the aesthetic texts in your analysis here.

    Your writing really improved over the course of the semester, I hope you noticed.

    5 out of 5 points.

  2.   amark916 says:

    Good Evening Professor,

    I am trying to arrange my blog pages in order by response # and I can not seem to figure it out. I even googled it and got even more confused.

    Can you help me with this?


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