April 21st, 2012

I am two parts/ a person


past and present

alive and oppressed

given a cultural beauty

… and robbed of cultural identity (1397)


In this passage from the poem “Here” by Sandra Maria Esteves, the poet addresses her nationality which is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. She speaks of being “two parts/ a person” which indicates how she is viewed within her Latino community and how she is viewed within American society.  She represents Latinos “past and present” who have dealt with the social struggles of being Latino.  Esteves speaks of her identity as a Latino dealing with “oppression”.  She is “alive”, but she is living in an oppressive environment.  The Latinos are known for having a beautiful culture but they are robbed of their identity once they immigrate to America.  Esteves is in conflict with the new “her” and the old “her”.  She craves to be one “part”which involves being socially accepted reconnecting with her cultural identity.


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