May 25th, 2012


 Racialization exists in America, but it also exists all over the world.  In this article, I will argue that Latinos face social struggles in American society.  I will argue that Latinos face the same social struggles that are inherent in the African American community but because of the white/black binary instituted within our culture, they tend to identify with whiteness because of the hierarchy that it implies.  Racialization stains the United States because of the color line.  Race links individuals to their place in society.  Latinos represent a racialized minority just as African Americans in American society, but depending on skin color a Latino/a can go either way.  This article will detail how skin color impacts the way Latinos classify and identify themselves.  This article will argue the idea of “race” and how it impacts the relationship between Latinos and African Americans.  I will argue that African Americans and Latinos need to connect on a minority level to build a coalition where the two groups will work together to achieve the same opportunities as whites.  Race is a form of social inequality and this article will demonstrate how it negatively labels different groups within the hierarchy of race.

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