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May 25th, 2012

I always thought of myself as a pretty good writer until English 255 Latino Literature with Professor Alvarez.  This class completely opened my eyes to the habitual mistakes that I make when writing.  I never noticed that a paper of mine would contain on average about 20 “To Be” verbs.  Everything that I learned in this class, I am now applying to my other classes when I write my papers.  I am over conscious about the the verbs that I use, because my writing simply flows better with less “To Be” verbs.  My MLA citation has definitely improved but I can not say I have mastered the many different variations which MLA entails.  This course helped me to critically analyze different texts from poems to historical content.  As far as learning about Latino Literature, I can honestly say that I appreciated learning about the culture on a deeper level than what I know from friends of Latino descent.  I appreciated learning different things about the culture and the social struggles that they face as a minority group.  Even though the class has A LOT of writing, I enjoyed it because of the improvement that I now see as I write.  This class definitely had me questioning my other English classes and wondering why I never learned to organize PIE paragraphs or even accurately use MLA citation.  Thanks Professor for taking the time “to be” 🙂 thorough.  That was only one I think.  Have a great summer!!!!

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